Australians oppose gambling promotion more than alcohol advertising

Australians oppose gambling advertisements during live sport more than advertising for alcohol, a new survey by The Australia Institute reveals.

The Australia Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss said that nearly two-thirds of Australians oppose the advertising of gambling during sport, while around half oppose alcohol promotion.

“It’s been obvious for a while that many Australians do not like to see gambling advertisements while they are watching the sport,” Dr Denniss said.

“However, the fact that this issue is opposed more strongly than alcohol advertising highlights the full extent of the mounting opposition to gambling promotion during live sport.

“At a time when South Australia and Free TV Australia are considering a ban on the advertising of gambling during televised sport these are significant results.”

The survey of 1400 people revealed that while 48 per cent oppose alcohol advertisements during live sport, 64 per cent oppose the promotion of gambling.

Only 16 per cent of people think gambling advertisements during sport should be allowed with no restrictions – 20 per cent want gambling advertising only allowed after 6pm.

These results were found to be consistent across gender and most age groups, though older people were more likely to oppose gambling advertising.

“It’s now clear that only a small proportion of Australians believe that no restrictions should be placed on gambling advertising. The regulators of sport broadcasts should consider this and act upon their plan to ban the promotion of gambling,” Dr Denniss said.

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