Canberra shows Australia: Progressive policies nationally popular and proven to work

Most Australians want 100% renewable energy, a stamp duty to land tax swap and pill testing at music festivals in their own state, new national polling from The Australia Institute shows.

A new report from The Australia Institute, authored by Bill Browne, shows that most of the Australian Capital Territory’s innovative policies have majority support across Australia.

Key Findings

  • Overwhelming majority (78%) of Australians support 100% renewable energy, including a majority of voters in each state and among voters for each political party
  • Majority of Australians (58%) support pill testing at music festivals, including a majority of voters in each state, and among Coalition, Labor, Greens and ‘Other’ voters
  • Majority of Australians (58%) support a stamp duty to land tax swap, including a majority of voters in each state and among voters for each political party
  • Strong national support for other Canberra policies such as decriminalising marijuana, ‘Justice Reinvestment’ to keep children out of prison, and legalising assisted dying

“The Australian Capital Territory has implemented innovative policies that are politically controversial, but extremely popular with the Australian public,” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of The Australia Institute.

“The ACT’s leadership means other governments now have a suite of popular, innovative policies that could be adopted in their own states and territories.

“In the wake of the recent Federal Election, reactionary analysis from some quarters has incorrectly said that the only way to win power in Australia is to abandon progressive ideals and opt instead for a small target strategy.

“Progressive governments and opposition parties across the country would do well to learn from the ACT, which has been successfully implementing progressive reforms, under a power-sharing government, for over a decade.”

On 100% renewable target

“The ACT’s 100% renewable target will eventually save households money as well as representing strong climate action.

On stamp duty to land tax swap

“The ACT’s stamp duty to land tax swap replaces inefficient stamp duties with a less volatile land tax.”

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