Carmichael Centre Announces Appointment of Prof. David Peetz as Laurie Carmichael Distinguished Research Fellow

The Carmichael Centre at the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work is proud to announce the appointment of Prof. David Peetz, one of Australia’s most outstanding labour policy experts, as the new Laurie Carmichael Distinguished Research Fellow.

Prof. Emeritus Peetz has recently retired from a long career at Griffith University, where he served as Professor of Employment Relations at the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing.

He is also a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and author of several important books on labour policy, including: Unions in a Contrary World (1998), Brave New Workplace (2006), and The Realities and Futures of Work (2019).

Prof. Peetz has provided expert opinion in numerous labour policy forums at the state and Commonwealth level, including providing research and expert input to the Fair Work Commission, and heading an independent review of the Queensland workers compensation system.

“David Peetz has been a powerful and influential voice for a more balanced and fair approach to labour policy and employment relations for many years,” said Jim Stanford, Director of the Centre for Future Work, host of the Carmichael Centre.

“His appointment as Distinguished Research Fellow will greatly enhance the capacity and influence of the Carmichael Centre, at a pivotal moment in Australia’s economic and political history,” concluded Dr. Jim Stanford.

Remarks from Professor David Peetz:

“The choices we make about labour policy now will shape society for decades, maybe permanently. So it’s an outstanding opportunity to be able to contribute to the formation of those choices through the work of the Carmichael Centre,” Professor Peetz concluded.

Prof. Peetz will serve a three-year term as Distinguished Research Fellow. The Carmichael Centre was established in 2021 to undertake research and education activities related to the legacy of Laurie Carmichael, the long-time Australian union leader who passed away in 2018.

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