Coalition Facing Uphill Battle in Boothby

New analysis from The Australia Institute has found that nearly one in five Liberal voters in Boothby are now less likely to vote for the party after Malcolm Turnbull was dumped as Prime Minister.

Furthermore, the majority of Boothby voters support increased spending on health and education over tax cuts and register overwhelming support for an independent and well-funded ABC.

“With the margin in Boothby sitting at just two per cent, the Liberal Party can’t afford to lose any votes ahead of the next election if they want to hold onto the seat,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, The Australia Institute’s SA projects manager.

“The decision to dump Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister was popular with some Liberal voters, but the fact that nearly one in five say they are now less likely to vote for the Coalition as a result of the spill should be cause for concern.

“Even with the previous talk of a ‘budget emergency’, voters across the political spectrum in Boothby strongly support increasing public spending on services such as health and education over either tax cuts or surpluses from government.

“Despite their promises not to do so in the lead up to the 2013 election, the Coalition have cut funding to the ABC. This research shows that was likely a very unpopular decision with the voters in Boothby.

“The Coalition have held the seat of Boothby at every election since 1949 but, as this polling has shown, that 70 year run may be coming to an end.”

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