Could The Global Financial Crisis Happen Again?

featuring Ebony Bennett

Ten years ago, on September 15th 2008 the US investment bank – Lehman brothers collapsed – triggering panic on financial markets around the world and the start of what we in Australia call the Global Financial crisis.

So what lessons were learnt? How appropriate was Australia’s response? What is the political legacy of the GFC? And can it happen again?

At the Australia Institute, we have been helping start a new conversation about what we can learn from the past and what we must do in the future.

As part of this program we recently organised a special National Press Cub address last month and this episode is an edited version of the address featuring Wayne Swan, Lenore Taylor and John Edwards.

Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at The Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett

Wayne Swan, 2008 Treasurer, 2018 ALP President, Member for Lilley // @SwannyQLD

Lenore Taylor, Editor of Guardian Australia, co-author of Shitstorm: Inside Labor’s Darkest Days // @LenoreTaylor

John Edwards, principal economic advisor to Treasurer and then Prime Minister Paul Keating, visiting fellow at The Lowy Institute

You find more about the Australia Institute’s GFC + 10 program here:

Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey

Additional editing by Lizzie Jack and Renee Sant 

Title Track: Jonathan McFeat

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