The Australian media industry, particularly journalism, was already going through a major disruption before the pandemic hit. At least 51 news media outlets and newsrooms have closed since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in Australia, according the The Guardian.This episode features a discussion about the crisis facing the media between Kim Williams, Chair of Thomsen Reuters Trustees and former CEO of Newscorp Australia, Walkley award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster Quentin Dempster and our chief economist Richard Denniss from the Australia Institute’s ‘Economics of a Pandemic’ webinar series. Recorded live on Wednesday 22 April 2020Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennettGuests:Kim Williams //Quentin Dempster //@QuentinDempsterRichard Denniss, chief economist of the Australia Institute // @RDNS_TAIProducer: Jennifer Macey with help from River McCrossenTheme music is by Jonathan McFeat from Pulse and Thrum