Do you know what time you will go home from work today?

Media release Do you know what time you will go home from work today? More than 2.2 million Australians head out to work each morning with very little idea what time they will knock off that night, according to new research by The Australia Institute. In estimating the time that they will knock off, more than one million Australians typically miss the mark by more than half an hour, and a further 1.2 million report getting it wrong by more than one hour. The survey of 1,495 Australians was conducted for this year’s national Go Home On Time Day – – which will be held on Wednesday 21 November. The Australia Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss said over the past twenty years we have heard a lot about workplace ‘flexibility’, but the problem for many workers is that child care, train timetables and life’s other commitments aren’t that flexible. “This new data shows why so many Australians find it difficult to juggle their work life and the rest of their life. Working long, or very unpredictable, hours can place a lot of strain on people’s relationships as well as their physical and mental health,” said Dr Denniss. The survey found that around 3.2 million Australians experience stress or anxiety as a result of their working arrangements, with 2.9 million experiencing a loss of sleep and 2.2 million reporting adverse impacts on their ability to meet family commitments. beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative is supporting Go Home On Time to help raise awareness of the link between overwork and stress with anxiety and depression and to encourage organisations to take prevention seriously. CEO of beyondblue Ms Kate Carnell AO said addressing the issue of workload is a win/win situation, with healthier employees resulting in more productive workplaces. “We urge workplaces across the country to use Go Home On Time Day as an opportunity to start this conversation and ensure it continues long after the day is over,” said Ms Carnell. The GHOTD website – – gives people the chance to download a ‘leave pass’ for November 21 or a workplace poster to encourage colleagues to participate, and connect to the event via social media. Join the conversation via Facebook and Twitter @GoHomeOnTimeDay.

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