Episode four of Follow The Money is a special edition – In conversation with Richard Denniss about the subject and title of his new book: Econobabble.

So what is econobabble? Ebony Bennett talks to Richard Denniss about why we shouldn’t be afraid of upsetting ‘the markets’ and how you can call commentators on their bullsh*t. 

If you haven’t read Richard’s essay ‘Of Clowns and Treasurers’ in The Monthly, you really should. 

‘Our world abounds with businesspeople and politicians spouting arguments that sound like economics, but aren’t. If you fear you’ve been taken in – or have just had your doubts – [Econobabble] is the book to set things straight. It is the best guide you’ll find to the literal non-sense that usually passes for economic debate in this country.’ —Ross Gittins

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