Eden-Monaro Polling: Majority of Voters Want JobSeeker Increase, $60B JobKeeper Hole Raises Pressure

New research from The Australia Institute has found that a majority of voters in the seat of Eden-Monaro want the JobSeeker payment to be permanently increased from its pre-pandemic level of $283 per week. The revelation of the $60 billion JobKeeper hole raises pressure on the Government to increase JobeSeeker.

The Australia Institute conducted a survey of 978 residents across the New South Wales federal electorate of Eden-Monaro on the night of 12th May 2020.

Key findings:

  • Three in five Eden-Monaro voters (59%) want a permanent increase to the JobSeeker payment.
    • One in three voters (32%) say the Government’s full Coronavirus Supplement of $275 per week should be made permanent.
    • One in four voters (27%) say the supplement should become permanent, but at a reduced rate.
  • Just a third of voters (36%) say the JobSeeker payment should return to its previous level.

“The economic impact of COVID-19 is going to be a key issue in the Eden-Monaro by-election,” said Ben Oquist, Executive Director of The Australia Institute.

“The $60 billion dollar hole discovered in the JobKeeper scheme will inevitably increase pressure to permanently increase JobSeeker.

“There is clear recognition amongst Eden-Monaro voters that the previous rate of JobSeeker was too low, with a majority supporting a permanent increase to the rate.

“Australia Institute research has shown that the previous rate of JobSeeker forced Australians to live in poverty.

“A permanent increase in the rate of JobSeeker would act as a boost to the economy and help to lift Australians who are doing it tough out of poverty. It is good social and economic policy and the voters of Eden-Monaro support it.”

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