Help us raise $40,000 from $20,000; silencing dissent in Victoria; will household compo change behaviour?


Help us raise $40,000 from $20,000

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Silencing dissent in Victoria

Victorian Parliament In what appears to be an act of petty political recrimination, the new Victorian Coalition Government has slashed its funding for Environment Victoria, the state’s leading independent environment group. The recent state budget included no further funding for any of the programs that successive previous governments initiated, including money to help households become more energy- and water-efficient.

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Putting mining job losses into perspective

mining Job losses will always be an emotive issue, especially for the individuals involved. But while 23,510 might seem like a lot of jobs, is it really?

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Will household compensation change behaviour?

CO2The Government has struggled to sell its message that households will receive compensation under a carbon price. There has also been far too little explanation as to what a well-designed compensation scheme can achieve. It would seem that some politicians who aspire to being good economic managers do not seem to understand a simple, but counter-intuitive, lesson from first year economics: namely, it’s the relative price that matters.

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