Introducing Dollars & Sense with Greg Jericho

featuring Greg Jericho and Ebony Bennett


Economic data can tell us a lot about what’s happening in society and the economy.  Welcome to the Autralia Institute’s brand new podcast, Dollars & Sense, with Greg Jericho, Chief Economist at the Australia Institute and the Centre for Future Work and popular columnist of Grogonomics with Guardian Australia.

In Dollars & Sense, each week, Greg Jericho will dive into the latest economic figures, and explain what they can tell us about what’s happening in the economy, how it will impact you and where things are headed.

In this episode, Greg unpacks the latest wage price data and why lots of Australians got a payrise in the September quarter.

Recorded on Thursday 19 November 2023. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram or visit our website.

Host: Greg Jericho, Chief Economist, the Australia Institute and Centre for Future Work

Producer: Jennifer Macey

Theme Music: Blue Dot Sessions

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Dollars & Sense

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