Is Consultant a ‘Profession?’

featuring Ebony Bennett, Rod Campbell and Bill Browne


As the Senate Inquiry into the management and assurance of integrity by consulting services continues, Labor senator Deb O’Neill and Greens senator Barbara Pocock have been applying the pressure to consulting firms in the hotseat.

This was recorded on Wednesday 4th October 2023 and things may have changed since recording.

The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute


Rod Campbell, Research Director, the Australia Institute // @R_o_d_C

Bill Browne, Director, Democracy & Accountability // @Browne90

Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director, the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett

Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey

Edited by: Emily Perkins

Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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