Majority of Australians want more action on climate change after Trump dump

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President Trump reneging on the US Paris climate commitments creates an opportunity for leadership from other countries, including Australia.

A majority of Australians believe domestic action would be only more important in the event of Trump reneging on US climate action policies, according to The Australia Institute polling.

“Trump’s decision to leave puts a new focus on Australia’s commitments,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said.

“Trump’s decision to leave puts a new focus on Australia’s commitments.”

Australia’s current renewable energy target of 26–28% by 2030, on 2005 levels, is not in line with the Paris targets, which would require at least 40–60%, on 2000 levels, according to the Climate Change Authority.

Additionally, our current Government has no policies that will actually get us our pledged target anyway.

— And we don’t even have a 2050 target at all.

Australia must integrate our climate and energy policy, which means removing obstacles for renewables and storage in the energy market.

A moratorium on new coal mines is also needed. For the world’s biggest coal exporter to double its output will only slow the transition and hobble progress globally.

“If Trump is just going to be obstructionist then the Paris Agreement is stronger without him. He can do more damage in there than outside.”

A recent poll asked Australians about President Trump’s promise to back-track on climate policies. 52% of respondents said this would make Australian action on climate change even more important. Only 11% said it made Australian action less important.

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