Majority of Tasmanians want Medevac Law to Stay: Polling

A majority (62.8%) of Tasmanians want Medevac to stay compared to just 27% of people who want it abolished, according to a new poll from the Australia Institute.

Parliament is considering whether to keep or abolish the Medevac law. The Australia Institute commissioned uComms to survey 1,136 residents across Tasmania during the night of 22nd October 2019.

Question: The Medevac law deals with refugees or people seeking asylum being held offshore who require urgent medical assistance. Under the law, two independent Australian doctors can recommend a temporary transfer to Australia for medical treatment, if the Minister is satisfied there are no security issues.

The Medevac law came into force in the last Parliament and the current Parliament is considering whether to keep or abolish that law.

Should federal parliament…?

“Medevac is a very modest piece of legislation and it is working,” says Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of The Australia Institute. 

“For the past eight months, Medevac has helped vulnerable people access the healthcare they need. There have been no issues with the implementation of the law. 

“Most Australians are compassionate people and this polling shows Tasmanians are no different. More Tasmanians of all ages prefer to keep medevac operating than want the laws abolished.”

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