Mayo Polling: Landslide Support for Key Integrity and Accountability Measures

New Australia Institute polling in the South Australian seat of Mayo shows strong support for a federal anti-corruption watchdog with teeth, truth in political advertising laws for Australia and greater integrity in the process of awarding government grants.

Over 800 people were polled in the seat of Mayo on the evening of the 13th December 2021.

Key Findings:

  • Mayo 2CP: Rebekha Sharkie (Centre Alliance) 58.5%, Liberal 41.5%
  • Truth in political advertising laws
    • 86.5% of Mayo voters support truth in political advertising laws while just 7.2% oppose
  • Commonwealth Integrity Commission
    • 84.7% of Mayo voters support setting up a Commonwealth Integrity Commission, 7.4% oppose;
  • CIC with Public Hearings
    • 69.6% of Mayo voters agree a Commonwealth Integrity Commission should have the power to hold public hearings, 11% disagree;
  • 90.9% of Mayo voters say all government grants funding should be allocated based on need in an open, competitive process.

“There is a strong desire amongst the voters of Mayo for greater integrity in politics,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA Director at The Australia Institute.

“Our research shows a clear majority of voters, across the political spectrum, want to see truth in political advertising laws introduced and a powerful federal anti-corruption body established.

“When Australia Institute research shows Coalition marginal seats are the runaway winners of billions in discretionary taxpayer grants, it is little wonder that nine in 10 Mayo voters want to see more integrity built into the process for awarding government grants.

“It is in politicians’ own interest to legislate key accountability reforms to help restore public confidence in our democracy.

“Australia has laws against misleading and deceptive conduct in trade and commerce, but not in politics. Politicians should not be allowed to lie in their advertisements and voters want to see those standards enshrined in law.”

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Mayo Polling: Integrity and Accountability

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