Mixed messages from Abbott on Tasmanian jobs

The Opposition’s pledge to create jobs in Tasmania could be undermined by its plan to reduce the size of the public service, a new analysis by The Australia Institute reveals.

The analysis shows Tasmania could lose more than 200 jobs under the Opposition’s planned public service job cuts.

The Australia Institute used historic separation rates to show where Tony Abbott’s job cuts would hit hardest if they are spread across every electorate.

“The Coalition is creating uncertainty by refusing to clarify exactly where its public service job cuts will be,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Dr Richard Denniss said.

“Tony Abbott has announced a special scheme to boost employment in Tasmania, yet he hasn’t ruled out Tasmania when it comes to his plans to slash at least 12,000 jobs in the public service.

“People get outraged over the potential for job losses in the state’s forestry and logging industry, but the same emotion doesn’t seem to apply when 200 public service jobs are on the chopping block.

“The Opposition is trying to woo Tasmanian voters with only half the story. It’s time for Tony Abbott to come clean on exactly where the public service job cuts will be made.”

Click ‘download’ to see a breakdown of potential job losses in Tasmania.

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