National Go Home On Time Day

GHOTDDo you find yourself working back late? Never enough hours in the day to do all the things you need or want to do? Are work calls or emails getting in the way of enjoying free time?

Or are you a manager who values your staff? Do you want to show them how important they are?

Well, Go Home On Time Day on Wednesday November 30 is a great way to recognise that life doesn’t need to revolve around work.

Each year, Australians work more than 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime, the equivalent of $72 billion worth of foregone wages.

Meanwhile one in two of us don’t spend as much time with our family as we would like to because of work.

So on November 30, make sure your free time is yours alone, and not polluted by phone calls, emails or work of any kind.

Tell your colleagues and friends about Go Home On Time Day.

And most importantly, on November 30 – go home on time! It’s that simple.

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