Our very first animation and other things you helped us achieve in 2013!

“Without doubt I think our biggest achievement this year was the judgement against Rio Tinto’s Warkworth coal mine. The Australia Institute has spent years arguing that the claims made by the mining industry about the amount of jobs they create are exaggerated and hearing a judge agree with that assessment in rejecting a new mine was not just vindication of our work, but showed that good economic research really can make a difference. It’s proof that we are living up to our motto of ‘research that matters’,” Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director.

Here is our 2013 in numbers

27 research papers – on topics including coal seam gas, forestry, electricity privatisation, superannuation, crime policy, anti-microbial resistance, childcare, work/life balance and public service job cuts. That’s more than one research paper a fortnight!

92 op-eds – all available on our website

17 infographics – nearly twice as many as last year – viewed by more than 1.6 million people on Facebook! Check them all out on our Tumblr page

6,200+ newspaper and online articles – that’s more than 110 a week

8,742 Facebook friends of the Institute and 4,537 who get to enjoy Richard’s typos – hopefully you’re a part of our Facebook conversations

3,034 Twitter followers – twice as many as last year but still way behind Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and the IPA

More than 4,000 weekly visitors to the Institute’s NEW website

15 Institute events, including Politics in the Pub with speakers such as David Ritter (Greenpeace), Andrew Leigh MP, Brian Schmidt (Nobel Prize winner), and Bob Brown (Sea Shepherd) – watch some of them here

577 – the number of businesses and organisations which signed up for national Go Home on Time Day helping to raise awareness of the importance of work/life balance

And finally …. Our very first animation!
View it here

Thank you again for all your support this year; we literally couldn’t do what we do or have as much impact without you.

If our research persuaded, challenged or armed you with information this year and you would like to see more of it next year, please chip in some money towards our plans for 2014.

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