Overwhelming voter support for rent caps and increased housing spend


Research released today by the Australia Institute shows overwhelming national support for rent caps and direct federal government spending on affordable housing.

The results show significant goodwill towards key measures the federal government could consider as part of negotiations over the Housing Australia Future Fund.

Key Findings

  • 88% of people agree or strongly agree that the government should spend more money to directly build affordable housing.
  • 75% of Australians either strongly agree or agree that the Federal Government should work with the states and territories through National Cabinet to implement rent caps nationwide.
  • 72% of Australians either strongly support or support the introduction of rent caps in their state or territory.
  • 54% of voters would support Prime Minister Anthony Albanese calling a double dissolution election if the Senate blocks the reintroduced Housing Australia Future Fund legislation.
  • Senate voting intention suggests that Labor could improve its position in the Senate, although not necessarily its overall negotiating position.

“These results send the clearest of messages to the government. Even those who own their own homes want to see more public money being spent building affordable homes for others,” said Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute.

“Almost nine-in-ten Australians support more money being spent directly on affordable housing. Three-quarters want the federal government to work with the states and territories to implement rent caps across the country.

“This is an unequivocal endorsement for the government to work with the Senate and negotiate the successful passage of the Housing Australia Future Fund legislation.

“People clearly want action, and a majority support the issue of housing being taken to a double dissolution election.”

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