Poll: One in Two Voters Support New Car Sales 100% EV by 2025

One in two Australian voters (50%) support shifting all sales of new vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025 according to new research from The Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program.

This research also looks at popular policy mechanisms adopted in Nordic countries which have successfully accelerated electric vehicle uptake. Australia can follow the lead of Norway, who has already reached the 50% goal by implementing targeted policies and incentives.

Key Findings:

  • One in two Australian voters (50%) support shifting all sales of new vehicles to EVs by 2025
  • Majority of voters (62%) support a Government EV program to switch to an electrically charged transport system, including 55% Coalition voters, 71% Labor voters, 78% Greens voters, and 54% ‘other’ voters
  • The strongest support was in Queensland and WA: more than six in ten (62%) of Queensland voters support, and almost seven in ten (68%) West Australians
  • Overall, Nordic countries have led the world in driving EV uptake through policy instruments, including purchase incentives, use incentives and access incentives that Australia can easily replicate
  • Norway’s policy leadership has seen Norwegians own the highest share of electric vehicles in the world, with 50% of all new car registrations in 2018 being EVs

“Australians already have a strong appetite for electric vehicles, with 50% interested in purchasing an electric vehicle by 2025 – a full five years earlier than Labor’s EV Target and significantly faster than the Government’s strategy” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director at The Australia Institute.

“Australia Institute research shows that Australians across all parties support a national electric vehicle policy – all that’s missing is policy leadership.

“These EV ownership targets only seem out of reach because Australia is so far behind on EV policy and infrastructure. Our Nordic Policy Centre report shows with the right policy settings from Government, citizens are more than willing to purchase electric vehicles over a petrol car.

“Instead of driving Australia backwards by preserving our gas-guzzlers, any future Government should look to the fine example of countries like Norway who already reached 50% of new car registrations as EVs in 2018 by using popular public incentives to accelerate electric vehicle uptake.”

The Australia Institute’s Nordic Policy Centre has released a briefing note on the lessons Australia can take from public policy mechanisms used in Norway to drive electric vehicle uptake, which can be found here. 

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