Put Science Before Politics & Fossil Fuels: 100+ Experts

100+ Australian scientists & experts have published full-page open letters in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Hobart Mercury calling on the Federal Government to listen to the scientific evidence on climate change and to prevent new fossil fuel projects and expansions. It comes as the Government continues negotiations with the Senate crossbench over it’s Safeguard Mechanism legislation and concerns over the expansion and creation of 100+ fossil fuel projects.

The list of scientists includes former Australians of the year Professor Fiona Stanley and Professor Peter Doherty.

Professor Fiona Stanley, former Australian of the year and epidemiologist, said:

“To ignore the science of climate change is reckless and irresponsible. Fossil fuel expansion drives climate change, threatening human health and the future of our kids and grandkids. Despite the global complexity of our environments, of our living systems and the huge variability of how we live on the planet, science has been remarkable. We must heed the warning,” she said.

Matthew England, ARC Laureate Fellow, UNSW Scientia Professor, Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC), said:

“Australia is one of the most vulnerable nations to climate change, with worsening bushfire seasons, flooding rains, drought cycles and ecosystem destruction already well underway.  So we have a vested national interest in keeping fossil fuels in the ground.  Protecting our climate means stopping all new fossil fuel extraction projects.  The science is absolutely clear on that,” he said.

Polly Hemming, Climate & Energy Director at the Australia Institute:

“Science needs to be at the heart of Australia’s climate policies. Climate policy that doesn’t address fossil fuels might solve short term political problems, but it won’t solve the underlying problem driving climate change,” she said.

The public can add their name to the Scientists Open letter here.

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