SA Survey: Labor Hold Narrow Lead, State Not Adequately Prepared for Open Borders

New research from The Australia Institute shows the Labor Party holding a narrow 2PP lead, 51%-49%, one month out from the 2022 state election.

The Australia Institute’s survey of a representative sample of 602 South Australians also found there is strong sentiment in the community that the state was not adequately prepared when borders were opened in November of last year.

Key Findings:

  • State-wide 2PP: Labor 51%, Liberal 49%.
  • One in two South Australians (51%) disagree with the State Government’s decision to open the borders in November.
    • Two in five (42%) agree that the State Government made the right decision.
  • Three in four South Australians (76%) agree that the State Government should have done more to prepare the state before the borders were opened.
    • This includes 71% of Liberal voters, 83% of Labor voters and 81% of Greens voters.

“While there are mixed opinions in the community regarding the decision to open the state’s border in November, there is a strong sentiment that the government should have done more to prepare the state for the subsequent influx of COVID-19,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA Director at independent think tank The Australia Institute.

“The perception that South Australia was not adequately prepared when the borders were opened is held across the political spectrum, with a majority of voters for all parties agreeing more should have been done.

“We know from previous Australia Institute research that COVID-19 and health are likely to be the biggest issues for voters in March’s state election.

“Polling doesn’t predict political outcomes and is simply a snapshot of sentiment at one time, but if these voting intention results are reflected as a uniform swing at the election, Labor would win the four seats required to form a majority in the lower house. Of course, the election is still a month away and anything can happen on the day.

“This result just goes to show that it will be a hard-fought campaign that may well come down to the wire.”

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