South Australians don’t believe the hype: Poll shows SA backs fracking ban

1,473 South Australians were asked if they supported a Victoria-style ban on gas fracking in their state.

Twice as many (47%) support a ban than are opposed (23%). 30% were undecided.

The polling was conducted on 30 August, as Victoria introduced its ban and in the weeks following the furore around energy prices in South Australia.

“This result shows that South Australians didn’t believe the hype,” said Rod Campbell, Director of Research at The Australia Institute.

“The gas industry helped cause the price spike by linking Australian gas supplies to higher-priced Asian markets. They then used the controversy in SA to blame renewables and push for more fracking.”

“South Australians didn’t buy it. They’ve heard the gas industry cry wolf on gas supplies in NSW. They’ve seen videos of rivers on fire in Queensland. Now they’ve seen Victoria say no to fracking and the sky didn’t fall in.”

“Like Victorians across the border, South Australians want to be protected from an industry that has outraged communities in Queensland and New South Wales.”

In 2013 The Australia Institute published Cooking Up a Price Rise, which explained why gas prices would go up in Australia, no matter how much we frack. Because Australia now sells gas at to Asian markets through the export hub in Gladstone, Queensland, we pay similar prices.

“Fracking places like the Limestone Coast could never reduce gas prices. Asian markets are too big and SA gas production would be too small to affect the market.”

“This poll shows that South Australians realise that gas companies pursue profit and not the SA consumer interest. The SA government should take notice and follow Victoria’s lead,” said Campbell


South Australian Polling Results

ReachTEL conducted a survey of 1,473 residents across South Australia on the evening of 30th August 2016.

Question: The Victorian government has announced a permanent ban on new onshore gas drilling and fracking to protect against damage to water resources and agricultural industries.

Do you support or oppose a permanent ban on new onshore gas drilling and fracking in your state?

SA n=1,473








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