Summer Series – Feeling the Heat with Marian Wilkinson, Richard Denniss and Allan Behm [webinar]

featuring Allan Behm, Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

Our summer series brings you some of the best conversations from our webinars in 2021. This episode we’re bringing you a conversation with award-winning journalist Marian Wilkinson and the Australia Institute’s chief economist Richard Denniss and Allan Behm, International & Security Affairs program director, about the growing pressure on Australia, as global and regional powers adopt tough measures to combat climate change. In partnership with Australian Foreign Affairs journal.
This was recorded live on 28 July 2021 and things may have changed since recording.
Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Marian Wilkinson, journalist and author // @mwilkinson54
Dr Richard Denniss, chief economist The Australia Institute // @RDNS_TAI
Allan Behm, International & Security Affairs program director, The Australia Institute // @mirandaprorsus
The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute
Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey
Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions