Supermarxist? Dutton and the duopoly

featuring Matt Grudnoff and Elinor Johnston-Leek
Australian Opposition Leader Peter Dutton speaks to the media during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Tuesday, July 2, 2024.
AAP Image/Lukas Coch


The prime minister joked that the Coalition is turning communist, but having strong powers to break up the Coles-Woolies duopoly is sensible economic policy, Matt Grudnoff says.

Would the divestiture powers proposed by the Federal Opposition and supported by the Greens help keep inflation down? And what impact will the new and improved stage three tax cuts have in the economy? On this episode of Dollars & Sense, Australia Institute Senior Economist Matt Grudnoff talks about supermarket divestiture and the changes brought in with the new financial year.

Host: Matt Grudnoff, Senior Economist, the Australia Institute // @MattGrudnoff

Host: Elinor Johnston-Leek, Senior Content Producer, the Australia Institute // @ElinorJ_L

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