Tasmanians polled on tax reform, GST

A ReachTEL poll of 1,139 Tasmanians showed 61% of residents were opposed to an increase in the GST rate and just 26% supportive. (See Question 1 below)

Respondents also indicated where they would like additional revenue from a GST increase to go. 52.2% wanted more money for health, education and government services. Only 3.4% wanted it to pay for a cut in the company tax rate. (See Question 2 below)

“There is clear message coming from these polls – that Tasmanians don’t want the GST increased to cut other taxes,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said.

“Treasurer Scott Morrison continues to call for revenue neutral tax reform. But respondents to this poll want the opposite; they want more money for schools and hospitals.

“Raising taxes on goods and services, which hits lower income people hardest, and using that revenue for corporate tax cuts has almost zero support in the state of Tasmania. 

“Australia does have a revenue problem and our overall tax take does need to rise to meet the heath, education and environmental needs of a prosperous society. 

“However there are more effective, efficient and far fairer ways to raise the revenue than a GST increase. Ending tax concessions for the wealthy via superannuation and the capital gains tax would be a better place to start economically,” Oquist said.

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