The fatal flaw in Australia’s renewable energy superpower plan | Video


Digging into details of the Future Made in Australia plan, does the Government’s actions match their rhetoric?

On paper, the Australian Government’s Future Made in Australia plan is a great idea, making Australia a renewable energy superpower, with more capacity to make clean energy at home and for export.

But simultaneously, the Government is planning for “gas to 2050 and beyond“.

It’s a contradiction that has the potential to undermine our aspirations to become a renewable energy superpower.

Polly Hemming, Director of the Climate & Energy Program at the Australia Institute, unpacks the words and actions of the Government to paint a full picture of the plan for Australia’s energy future.

“Gas Industry Leeches”

We recently held a press conference with independent MPs David Pocock and Dr Monique Ryan, launching a new report showing that 56% of gas exported from Australia attracts zero royalty payments, effectively giving a public resource to multinational gas corporations for free.

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Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Australia’s subsidies to fossil fuel producers and major users from all governments totalled $14.5 billion in 2023–24, an increase of 31% on the $11.1 billion recorded in 2022–23.

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