The pink collar recession

featuring Ebony Bennett and Matt Grudnoff

The Morrison government this week announced that from mid-July childcare would no longer be free and that childcare workers would be stripped of access to JobKeeper. Overall, during the pandemic women have seen faster job losses than men, while men are benefiting the most from government stimulus measures. To unpack this pink collar recession, Follow The Money talks to senior economist at the Australia Institute Matt Grudnoff, who has been crunching the numbers.
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Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Guests: Matt Grudnoff, senior economist of the Australia Institute // @MattGrudnoff
Producer: Jennifer Macey. Cover of ‘9 to 5’ by Lizzie Jack, originally written and recorded in 1980 by Dolly Parton.
Theme music: Jonathan McFeat from Pulse and Thrum.

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