The sunshine state supports ARENA: Poll

Queenslanders resounding oppose government moves to cut the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which invests in renewable energy projects and innovation.

ReachTEL conducted a survey of 1,701 residents across Queensland during the evening of 30th August 2016.

Question: The Australian Renewable Energy Agency funds new renewable energy construction and research in Australia. Should the Senate pass legislation cutting $1 billion in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency?

Queensland results:







Don’t know


“More than twice as many Queenslanders want the Senate to block proposed cuts to ARENA as support the government policy,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said.

“In a state which is looking for ways to create jobs, cutting ARENA would be bad news for innovation and the development of renewable energy projects.

“Queensland is well placed to take advantage of the economic opportunities in renewables, which have overtaken investment in fossil fuels globally,” Oquist said. 

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