Today is national Go Home On Time Day

Millions of Australians afraid to talk about mental health with their boss One in two Australians would feel uncomfortable discussing issues about mental health with their manager, according to new research by The Australia Institute. An unhealthy obsession? The impact of work hours and workplace culture on Australia’s health reveals that there is an epidemic of workplace-related stress and anxiety in Australia affecting around three million employees. The paper will be launched at the National Press Club on national Go Home On Time Day on Wednesday November 21. ACTU President Ged Kearney and beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell will discuss the issue of ‘Improving productivity through healthier workplaces’. The Australia Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss said that a significant number of employees (43 per cent of those surveyed) reported that their managers are poorly skilled in discussing sensitive workplace issues. “The survey shows that Australian workers find talking about mental health issues with their manager far harder than any other workplace issue. In fact, twice as many people find talking about mental health in the workplace more difficult than talking about work/life balance and job security,” said Dr Denniss. To read the full release, click the download button.

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