Tasmania’s marine environment and coastal waters are spectacular, but they are under threat from climate change and other pressures like salmon farming. In this episode of Follow the Money we explore what Tasmania can do to better manage its coastal waters.

Tasmania is a unique place. Tassie’s coastal waters have high biodiversity and species found nowhere else, but its marine environment is in a state of decline and increasing pressure from climate change, fishing and aquaculture operations like intensive salmon farming, agricultural run-off. Only 1.1% of Tasmania’s marine waters are fully protected. In this episode, join Eloise Carr, director of the Australia Institute Tasmania as we unpack the role of salmon in the Tassie economy and why it needs a Parliamentary inquiry.
Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Eloise Carr, director, The Australia Institute Tasmania // @GeneveraE
Website: australiainstitute.org.au
Producer: Jennifer Macey //@jennifermacey
Theme music: Jonathan McFeat from Pulse and Thrum with additional music from Blue Dot Sessions

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