Voters in blue-ribbon Coalition seats back the ABC

Polling released today reveals strong opposition to Coalition cuts to the ABC. The ReachTEL poll was conducted in seats represented by Christopher Pyne, Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey in late April.


Do you support or oppose the government’s decision to reduce funding to the ABC in last year’s budget?

  • 59% of Joe Hockey’s constituents polled opposed, 31% supported
  • 53% of Malcolm Turnbull’s constituents polled opposed, 35% supported.
  • 54% of Christopher Pyne’s constituents polled opposed, 27% supported.

Another question asked:

Would you support or oppose including the functions of the ABC in the Constitution to protect it from political interference?

  • 60% of Joe Hockey’s constituents polled supported, 25% opposed
  • 61% of Malcolm Turnbull’s constituents polled supported, 26% opposed
  • 57% of respondents in Sturt supported, 15% opposed.

The polling was conducted as part of research for an upcoming report on the ABC by The Australia Institute due out later this month.

“The punters back the ABC, even in these blue-ribbon Liberal electorates,” Chief Economist at The Australia Institute, Richard Denniss said.

“If the Liberal Cabinet is intent on waging a war on the ABC, whether it’s through funding cuts, or political interference, they’re likely to pay an electoral price.”

“This polling is in Liberal seats – and even there the public are strongly opposed to both cuts and politicians meddling with the national broadcaster. The support for the ABC is likely to be even higher across the country.

“Voters in these Liberal seats are pretty clear whose side they’re on; The ABC’s. The message is: Fund it, and leave it alone.” Dr Denniss said.

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