Welcome Result to Economically and Ecologically Irresponsible NSW Floodplain Harvesting Farce

The Australia Institute welcomes today’s disallowance of floodplain harvesting regulations in the NSW Parliament.

“This regulation would have given the green light to huge diversion of floodwater with terrible ecological, social and economic consequences,” said Rod Campbell, research director at the Australia Institute.

“Diverting water beyond the limits in the Basin Plan has contributed to the fish kills and towns without water that we’ve seen in recent years.

“This practice has to be brought within the limits of the Basin Plan. This is not controversial.

“Australia Institute research shows that reducing floodplain harvesting for cotton exports is likely to increase employment across the Murray Darling Basin, as more water can be used for food production in regions where food processing is a big employer.

“This water could be worth $2 billion, and the NSW Government was looking to just give it away.

“This economic, environmental and social vandalism has been halted for the time being by a diverse range of political parties, supported by irrigators, environment groups and research organisations.”

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