What Does The ABCC Have To Do With House Prices?

featuring Ebony Bennett and Jim Stanford

House prices – what is to blame? Our economists look at the claim from the Prime Minister that the ABCC was needed to stop ‘union thugs’ pushing up house prices. They also look at the tax breaks for investors. No prizes for guessing what the evidence shows is actually effecting house prices.

Contributors: Jim Stanford – @JimboStanford from the Centre for Future Work & The Australia Institute’s Senior Economist Matt Grudnoff – @MattGrudnoff with Ebony Bennett – @ebony_bennett.

Produced by Jennifer Macey – @jennifermacey

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See the full report on the ABCC and House Prices from the Centre for Future Work – here

The Australia Institute’s report on Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax Discount – here

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