Briefing note: SA EV Tax package analysis

by Noah Schultz-Byard

Far from being a national leader in electric vehicle uptake, South Australia is already lagging other States and Territories across the country.

While it is true that South Australia is a significantly smaller state than New South Wales, it is also true that the $36.3m in funding that has been offered as part of the EV
Tax package here is manifestly insufficient.

The investment from the SA Government to support EV uptake should be effectively tripled, from $36.3m to $106m, if our state is to match the policy of New South Wales. If South Australia is genuine in its aspirations to become ‘a national leader in EV uptake’, then the increase in funding would need to be greater again.

At the very least, South Australia should pursue a policy of permanently abolishing stamp duty on all EV purchases, as has been done in New South Wales.

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