CEDEX: Gas generation falls for 18th month in succession

by Hugh Saddler

The year to June 2016 saw a continuation of the slowdown in demand growth first seen last month.

Total emissions from electricity generation in the NEM fell slightly in the year to June 2016. Annual emissions were 5.7% higher than in the year to June 2014.

Total coal generation fell slightly to 75.8%, compared with a minimum of 72.3% in the year to July 2014. Gas generation fell again, for the eighteenth month in succession. Both hydro and wind generation increased and, as a result, total renewable generation reached 13.6%, its highest level since September 2014.

This issue of CEDEX® Electricity Update concludes with an examination of the extraordinarily high spot prices recorded in the wholesale market of the NEM during May and June, and the relationship of wholesale prices to wind generation in SA and Victoria. And it examines how ACT consumers will be protected from having to pay for extremely high wholesale prices due to the hedging provided by the ACT’s renewable electricity contracts.

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