Polling – Carbon Offsets, New Fossil Fuels, Role of the Senate

Key Findings:

  • 82% of Canberrans believe polluting projects should not be able to offset 100% of their emissions via carbon offsets, only 9% believe in 100% carbon offsets for projects
    • Of those, 56% believe polluting projects should have to directly reduce their emissions, not use carbon offsets
    • And 26% believe projects should be able to offset some but not all emissions
  • 85% believe the Senate should improve legislation; 7% believe Senate should pass legislation “as is”
  • 61% believe it would be better for the Senate to improve climate legislation even if takes longer, while 30% believe climate law should be passed as is so it comes into operation sooner
  • 63% agree that the Commonwealth Government should stop new gas & coal projects, 28% believe new projects should be allowed to go ahead, 8% are unsure
    • Of those, 40% believe the Government should stop new gas & coal projects and start to phase down production from existing projects
    • And 23% believe the Government should stop new projects, but allow existing projects to continue operating as is, 8.4% Unsure / don’t know

Full Polling Brief