Polling – Senate Voting and Election Awareness Issues

The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,002 Australians about their Senate voting intentions and their understanding of how Senate voting works.

The results show:

  • A significant proportion of Australians remain uncertain about important aspects of Senate preferential voting:
    • More than four in ten (43%) respondents thought that putting a 6 beside a box made it harder for that party to be elected.
    • One in two respondents (50%) thought that you should put a 6 beside the box of the party you dislike more than any other.
  • When given an example, only three in 10 respondents (29%) were correct about how to vote in the Senate to make it hardest for a party they did not like to get elected.
    • Over half (55%) chose an answer that may make it easier for a party they do not like to get elected.
  • Only 31% Australians correctly answered that their Senate representatives are elected by the people living in their own state or territory.

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