Polling: Vast Majority of Wentworth & North Sydney Voters Want More Funding for ABC

New Australia Institute polling in the federal seats of Wentworth and North Sydney show strong support for the ABC. The polling in the blue-ribbon Liberal seats in NSW shows overwhelming support for increasing ABC funding and for a more independent ABC board appointments process.

853 residents of NSW federal seat of Wentworth and 850 residents of NSW federal seat of North Sydney were polled on evening of 24th January 2022.

Key Findings:

ABC Funding

  • 66.9% of Wentworth voters support restoring the $84 million cut from the ABC, while 67.3% of North Sydney voters support restoring the $84 million cut from the ABC.
  • 68.8% of Wentworth voters and 67.9% of North Sydney voters support the ABC being funded on a five-year cycle, rather than a three-year cycle, for more certainty and independence from Government pressure

ABC Board Appointments

  • 73.1% of Wentworth voters and 70.6% of North Sydney voters support changing the ABC board appointments process so the Government must choose new ABC board members only from those nominated by a committee with members from all parties, rather than the current situation where the Government can make a unilateral decision.

Independent and well-resourced ABC

  • 66.1% of Wentworth voters and 65.2% of North Sydney voters said they would be more likely to vote for candidate who advocates for an independent, well-resourced ABC.

ABC critical for a healthy democracy

  • Almost 8 in 10 voters (79.6% of Wentworth voters and 79.4% of North Sydney voters) agreed that a strong, independent ABC is critical to a healthy democracy.

Voting Intention:

  • Wentworth: Liberal Dave Sharma 35.6%, IND Allegra Spender 27.7%, Labor 18.6%, Greens 7.5%, PHON 2.7%, UAP 2.5%
    • 2PP: Liberal Dave Sharma 44%, IND Allegra Spender 56%
  • North Sydney: Liberal Trent Zimmerman 34.1%, IND Kylea Tink 20.0%, Labor 22.9%, Greens 11.2%, PHON 2.5%, UAP 1.5%, TNL Victor Kline 1.6%
    • 2PP: Liberal Trent Zimmerman 41%, IND Kylea Tink 59%

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