Polling – Voting Behaviour & Gender

Women were 7-10 percentage points less likely to vote for the Coalition compared to men, according to Australia Institute research conducted from the evening of the May 21 federal election, and a subsequent poll taken in June 2022.

Analysis of exit-polls also shows that Australians viewed the ‘treatment of women in politics’ as the second biggest weakness for the Coalition, coming narrowly behind ‘the state of aged care’ out of a list of 20 options.

The analysis comes amid public comments from the Coalition regarding their challenges with women.

Methodology: Polling is Australian Polling Council compliant, with questions as they were put included in the polling brief attached, including methodology. An exit poll was conducted between 21 May-25 May with a sample size of 1,424, and a subsequent poll was conducted in June 2022 with a sample size of 1001 people.

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