Renewables & rural Australia

A study of community experiences in Renewable Energy Zones in NSW and the case for more equity and coordination of the clean energy transformation

The technological shift away from coal to renewable energy for electricity generation is also a spatial shift. We are moving electricity generators to new dedicated Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) in parts of rural Australia that have not hosted energy utilities at this scale before.

This report presents the first significant analysis of the spatial aspect of the energy transition in Australia. It presents from social research findings based in communities that will host Australia’s billions of dollars worth of new electricity infrastructure as a result of REZ policy. This was our pilot study focused on just two areas in New South Wales as case studies: Central-West Orana and New England. These areas were chosen because they will be the first two REZs developed in Australia. A future study could survey communities in REZs across the National Electricity Market (NEM).

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