Still Anti-Asian? Anti-Chinese? One Nation policies on Asian immigration and multiculturalism

by Philip Dorling

Is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party anti-Asian?  Just how much has One Nation changed since Pauline Hanson first sat in the Australian Parliament two decades ago? 

This report reviews One Nation’s statements of the 1990s and the current policies of the party.  It concludes that One Nation’s broad policies on immigration and multiculturalism remain essentially unchanged.  Anti-Asian sentiments remain at One Nation’s core.  Continuity in One Nation policy is reinforced by the party’s connections with anti-Asian immigration campaigners from the extreme right of Australian politics.  Anti-Chinese thinking is a persistent sub-text in One Nation’s thinking and policy positions.  The possibility that One Nation will in the future turn its attacks on Australia’s Chinese communities cannot be dismissed.

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