Still toothless

Jurisdictional, funding and secrecy issues in the Integrity Commission Tasmania
by Eloise Carr and Rachel Hay

Tasmania’s Integrity Commission is weak and is losing public trust. It has never held a public hearing. It has run fewer investigations than any other state’s integrity body. It has the second lowest per capita budget. It has only ever referred two people for prosecution, the lowest number of any state. Tasmania’s Commission needs broader jurisdiction, public hearings and more funding.

  • Tasmania’s Integrity Commission has second lowest funding per capita in Australia
  • 48.5% of Tasmanians distrust the Integrity Commission’s ability to uncover misconduct
  • Commission has only referred two people for prosecution in its existence
  • Only 6 of 55 recommendations from the 2016 review to improve the Commission have been implemented
  • Tasmanian integrity commission has held fewer investigations than any other state anti-corruption body

Note: An earlier version of the report said the NSW ICAC had held 45 public inquiries and the Victorian IBAC 5 in the time period examined. The correct figures are 42 and 8 respectively.

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