Submission on Offshore Clean Energy Bill discussion paper

by Dan Cass

The Federal Government is expected to move in 2020 to pass legislation to start an offshore renewable energy sector.

Wind is currently the sole commercially viable offshore renewable energy generation technology and it has considerable potential to contribute to the Australian and global energy mix.

If the Federal Government draws on lessons learned in Europe’s successful offshore wind sector then it can design a good framework for the development of Australia’s prodigious ocean energy resources.

This report provides recommendations, based on European experience, for a regulatory framework that would help offshore wind and other renewable energy technologies thrive in Australia:
• Develop a plan for offshore renewables
• Integrate with Energy Security Board and network planning
• Shift offshore renewables to Energy portfolio entirely
• Have strong and simple work health and safety regime
• Consider Offshore Renewable Energy Zones
• Use 40 year commercial licences
• Allow Public ownership
• Build a consistent decommissioning regime
• Allow European-style funding support from the Clean Energy Finance
• Create European-style offtake agreements

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