Survey results: Australians trust ABC over commercial media

More than half of Australians do not trust commercial media.

The Australia Institute’s new survey of more than 1400 people asked respondents to rate their trust in the ABC and commercial media on a scale from ‘do not trust’ to ‘do trust’.

The results show 53 per cent of Australians do not trust commercial media, while just 10 per cent of respondents said they do trust commercial media. Meanwhile, 41 per cent of those surveyed said they trust the ABC and just 15 per cent said they do not trust the broadcasting corporation.

“Many Australians rely on information provided through the media to make important decisions, like who to vote for,” Director of Research at The Australia Institute David Baker said.

“With the federal election looming, it’s important that Australians feel they can trust the media outlets providing them with information which will help them to decide how to vote.”

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