Calling Out Big Business Bullsh*t | Between the Lines

The Wrap with Ebony Bennett Integrity was a key election issue and it’s not difficult to see why. The scandal engulfing PwC has shone a spotlight on just how far the tentacles of the big four accounting firms extend into government, the public service and even into the Australian Federal Police (AFP). So far entrenched

Tasmanian government must end overfishing and rebuild fish stocks

by Eloise Carr

The Australia Institute Tasmania is calling on the Tasmanian government to commit to end overfishing and rebuild fish stocks, after ignoring evidence of overfishing for decades. It is among the think tank’s 10 recommendations (see below) to the Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery Rules Review that aims to aid species recovery and modernise management arrangements so the

SA Duck Hunting Ban, Backed by Majority of Voters, Would Have Minimal Economic Impact

New research from public policy think tank The Australia Institute shows that a permanent ban on native bird hunting in South Australia is supported by a strong majority of the public and would have minimal impact on the state’s economy. The findings are the result of a survey of 604 South Australians, undertaken between 15

May 2023

Modi, the Quad, and the latest on AUKUS

featuring Ebony Bennett and Allan Behm

From Narendra Modi’s recent visit, to the cancelled Quad summit meeting, to new developments in the AUKUS nuclear submarine agreement, it’s been a busy few weeks in international relations for Australia. This was recorded on Wednesday 25th May 2023 and things may have changed since recording. The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute Guest: Allan Behm, Director,

Green Wall Street Will Crash

by Polly Hemming

The mania around markets and investment in nature has continued at the UN biodiversity conference (#COP15) with Australia promoting the outsourcing of conservation to the private sector and its proposed ‘nature repair market’. This builds on the government’s previous promotion of ‘Green Wall Street’ – a vision that describes the world investing in Australia’s ecosystems.

Public Interest Sold Out for Private Profit | Between the Lines

The Wrap with Richard Denniss It’s not true that increasing government spending will make inflation worse. It’s also no accident that those opposed to small increases in unemployment benefits, arguing it will cause inflation and worsen the cost of living, have been strategically silent about the impact of spending $268-368 billion on the AUKUS submarines.

80% Want Consultants that Breach Trust Banned from Govt. Contracts: Research

As the PwC scandal continues, new research shows significant public concern about the relationship between the consulting industry and government, with an overwhelming majority of Australians (80%) supporting a ban on government contracts for companies that leak information and breach public trust; greater parliamentary scrutiny of the industry; and reduced outsourcing for core public sector

PwC Scandal Reveals Problem with Consulting Firms

featuring Ebony Bennett and Bill Browne

The Australian government spends a billion dollars or more each year on consulting firms to complete necessary work, often involving confidential information. But a recent scandal at PricewaterhouseCooper has racked the consulting industry, undermining public trust in the system. This was recorded on Tuesday 16th May 2023 and things may have changed since recording. The

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