Australia Institute March 2022 Budget Wrap

Welcome to your go-to guide for understanding this year’s Federal Budget.

The Australia Institute’s economists, researchers and experts have unpacked, unpicked and decoded all 874 pages of the Budget papers for you.

Combined with our Centre for Future Work’s analysis, this is the most comprehensive, informed analysis you will find anywhere.

If you prefer to digest your Budget via video and you missed this week’s Australia Institute TV post-budget spectacular, do not worry – you can catch our economics team: chief economist Dr Richard Denniss, senior economist Matt Grudnoff and research economist Eliza Littleton, with host and deputy director of the Australia Institute, Ebony Bennett.

We have economic analysis, climate & energy facts and figures, defence spending digest and overseas aid analysis, lift the lid on integrity spending cuts, look at how budget reforms to parental leave threaten to worsen gender inequality, plus the latest on childcare, cuts to the arts, failures on aged care, take a special look on how the budget impacts Tasmania and South Australia, and much more.

Our operations are headquartered in Canberra so we can best bring you all the latest economic policy and political developments. We are committed to making our democracy work better and improving the quality of our public and policy debates, which requires a more informed electorate.

This is part of our effort to help in that task.

We hope you enjoy the Australia Institute’s 2022 Budget Wrap.

~ Ben Oquist
Executive Director, The Australia Institute