Australia urgently needs a dedicated, independently administered fund to meet the escalating costs of natural disasters due to global warming.

Beneficiaries of the National Climate Disaster Fund?

Funding can be distributed amongst the most disaster impacted regions and sectors in Australia. These include:


Australia’s tourism industry is almost entirely based on the experience of our unique natural environment.

Every aspect of our natural environment is under threat from climate change. Our forests are threatened by increasing fires, our beaches by sea level rise, our wildlife by mass extinction and marine environment including the Great Barrier Reef by ocean heatwaves and acidification. Heatwaves make it more difficult and often dangerous for visitors to enjoy many of our most popular destinations

The NCDF could provide a reliable source of funding to assist tourism operators recover from climate disasters. It could also provide funding for tourism enterprises to adapt to the changing circumstances of tourism in a warming world, and as adjustment funding to exit the industry where necessary as a result of natural disasters and global warming impacts.

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