June 2024

May 2024

The Fight to Free Assange

featuring Ebony Bennett

It’s been 12 years since Julian Assange has been free – but is the fight to keep him from a life in an American prison finally coming to an end? United States President Joe Biden told reporters he’s considering Australia’s request to drop charges against Assange for publishing thousands of sensitive military and government documents,

Jess Hill on the Domestic Violence Crisis

featuring Ebony Bennett

A series of recent high-profile incidents has thrust the national crisis of domestic violence into the spotlight. Clearly the current approach to violence against women isn’t working, so what can be done? 1800RESPECT is the national domestic, family and sexual violence counselling, information and support service. Call 1800 737 732, text 0458 737 732, chat online or video

April 2024

March 2024

Robodebt, repeated? How government is failing the nation on climate

featuring Polly Hemming and Ebony Bennett

The ‘robodebt’ debacle was a shameful episode for the federal government, but was it an anomaly? Our guest today says the same behaviours that enabled robodebt have been playing out for decades in our climate policymaking and questions whether the government has appetite to implement its proposed integrity reforms. australiainstitute.org.au // @theausinstitute Guest: Polly Hemming, Director,

February 2024

The Push to Stop Pork Barrelling

featuring Ebony Bennett and Bill Browne

Independent MP Helen Haines has introduced a bill to Parliament designed to prevent pork-barreling, where taxpayer money is allocated according to where it is needed to win votes, not where the public needs it most. This was recorded on Tuesday 27th February 2024 and things may have changed since recording. australiainstitute.org.au // @theausinstitute Guest: Bill Browne,

The Right to Disconnect

featuring Ebony Bennett and Jim Stanford

Federal Parliament is set to pass new industrial relations laws, including the ‘right to disconnect.’ This means that workers will legally be able to ignore calls outside of work hours. This was recorded on Tuesday 13th February 2024 and things may have changed since recording. australiainstitute.org.au // @theausinstitute Guest: Dr Jim Stanford, Director, the Centre for

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