June 2024

“Sticky inflation” is not Australian workers fault and higher interest rates and lower wages won’t solve it

by Greg Jericho

Australia’s inflation is rising and falling in line with the experience in Canada and the USA despite the RBA not raising rates by as much as did the central banks in those two countries.

As wages struggle to keep pace with inflation the numbers of secondary jobs rise

by Greg Jericho

More than 1.1m jobs are now being done by someone who has another job

May 2024

Poverty is a policy choice

featuring Greg Jericho

According to the Productivity Commission, wealth inequality declined during the COVID years due to boosted government support payments. And when those payments finished, predictably inequality went back up. The overwhelming majority of gains from economic growth since the GFC have gone to the wealthiest people. On this episode, Greg Jericho discusses inequality, poverty, and government

No, the budget is not inflationary

by Greg Jericho

For a budget to be inflationary there needs to be actual evidence of surging demand. In this budget we have the opposite


“Sticky” inflation does not mean more rate rises are needed

by Greg Jericho

The majority of items driving inflation now are not responsive to further rate rises


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