March 2024


featuring Greg Jericho

Australia’s recent gross domestic product (GDP) figures show that the economy is weak and people are struggling to keep up. So what can the federal government – and the Reserve Bank – do to help? Greg Jericho is Chief Economist at the Australia Institute and the Centre for Future Work and popular columnist of Grogonomics

February 2024

How John Howard Ruined Housing

featuring Greg Jericho

The Right to Disconnect is attracting criticism from business groups and others, saying it will reduce productivity. Well, it won’t. And do they mean productivity, or profits? Also, how negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount delivered massive tax breaks to the rich at the expense of affordable housing for the rest of Australia.

New Look RBA, New Direction?

featuring Greg Jericho

With Michele Bullock at the helm of the RBA, there’s change in the air. But do the changes extend below surface level? Where do they think inflation is going, and what about those pesky interest rates? Join us as we dive into the latest monetary news. Greg Jericho is Chief Economist at the Australia Institute

January 2024

Can Anything Dent the Housing Market?

featuring Greg Jericho

It’s quite amazing how nothing – not a pandemic, not rising interest rates – seems to do much to dampen the housing market. Amazing, that is, unless you forget that the entire focus of political pressure over the past 40 years or so has been designed to keep house prices from falling, or even abating.

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